360 Virtual Tours

Matterport is our powerful all-in-one 3D service that lets you create 3D Walkthroughs and 360 Degree Tours of your space.

360 Virtual Tours

What is a 360 VR Tour?

A 360 VR (Virtual Reality) Tour is an immersive and interactive experience that allows users to explore a virtual environment created entirely with computer-generated images based on architectural plans. Unlike traditional static photos or animation videos, 360 VR tours provide a panoramic view, giving users the ability to look around in all directions as if they were actually at the virtual space. This technology is ideal for showcasing architectural designs both exteriors and interiors, product simulations and conceptual spaces. With 360 VR tours the possibilities are endless …

How Does It Work?

Using advanced 3D modelling software, our team creates high-resolution, detailed images that are stitched together to form a seamless, 360-degree view. These images are then integrated into a virtual tour that can be navigated by users on smartphones, tablets, computers, or even VR headsets. With just a click or swipe, users can move through the virtual space, zoom in on details, and get a true sense of the environment, scale and finishes of the proposed space.

Benefits of a 360 VR Tour

  1. Enhanced Engagement: 360 VR tours offer a captivating experience that holds users' attention longer than static images or standard video.
  2. Limitless Creativity: Create any environment imaginable, from futuristic cities to fantastical landscapes, without the constraints of the real world.
  3. Detailed Visualization: Users can view every angle and detail of a virtual space, helping them make informed decisions.
  4. Competitive Edge: Stand out from the competition by offering cutting-edge virtual tours that showcase your commitment to innovation.
  5. Broader Reach: Attract a global audience by providing access to your virtual environment online, without geographical limitations.

Who Can Benefit from 360 VR Tours with CGI?

Real Estate Agents and Property Developers: Showcase properties and new developments before construction even begins. Provide potential buyers with a realistic tour of homes, apartments, and commercial spaces, helping them visualize the final product.

Architects and Designers: Showcase architectural plans and interior designs in stunning, interactive detail.

Tourism and Hospitality Industry: Offer potential guests a virtual walkthrough of your hotel, resort, or vacation rental. Let travellers preview destinations, including
virtual tours of museums, parks, and landmarks.

Event Venues: Give clients a tour of your venue, highlighting key features and layout options. Showcase different event setups to help clients envision their events in your space.

Education and Training: Create immersive learning environments for students and trainees, enhancing educational experiences.

360 Virtual Tours