Verified Photomontages

High-quality 3D visualisations present a clear and professional image of your product and a more engaging backdrop, making it a more effective tool when compared to video or photos

Verified Photomontages


A photomontage shows a scheme in its intended environment by superimposing a CGI of the proposed development into a number of high resolution photographs. These images give an accurate representation of how the proposed development will look when built.

Their purpose is to accurately demonstrate the visual impact of a proposed development to the Planning Authorities within the wider context of its surrounding environment and from pre-defined viewpoints.

The photomontage images are a very important tool in the planning process and can be the key factor in a successful planning application. We work closely with our clients to ensure the photomontage images are delivered accurately and within agreed timeframes.


A Verified View is essentially a photomontage but a surveyor is used to record the camera’s position & key points within the context. We then follow an established methodology to depict the proposed development, in context, with verifiable accuracy. We deliver high resolution images that include our method statement including the camera information and the “Before” and “After” views.

These specialised images are typically requested by the planning authority to support applications for prominent developments or those within a sensitive context.


  1. Discuss requirements with the client
  2. Plans are supplied by the client and location of the views are agreed.
  3. Visit the site to capture the photographs. We will record the camera’s optical axis height, lens type, time of day and the cameras approximate position on the topographical survey (if available).
  4. Site Survey. Our surveyor will visit site to survey each view’s location and key points.
  5. Build a 3D computer model of the proposed development applying proposed materials and using local references to determine lighting conditions on the day of the photography.
  6. Camera Matching. The surveyed camera positions and key points are used to create virtual cameras using the real-world camera positions and focal lengths.
  7. Render the 3D model and superimpose it accurately in to the site photography.
  8. Draft images will be issued via email to our clients to provide us with consolidated feedback on any adjustments required.
  9. Final Images and Methodology report is supplied to the client.
Verified Photomontages